Lichtenbergs Musik

Sang Solomon to Sheba,

And kissed her dusky face,

'All day long from mid-day

We have talked in the one place,

All day long from shadowless noon

We have gone round and round

In the narrow theme of love

Like a old horse in a pound.-

To Solomon sang Sheba,

Plated on his knees,

'If you had broached a matter

That might the learned please,

You had before the sun had thrown

Our shadows on the ground

Discovered that my thoughts, not it,

Are but a narrow pound.'

Said Solomon to Sheba,

And kissed her Arab eyes,

'There's not a man or woman

Born under the skies

Dare match in learning with us two,

And all day long we have found

There's not a thing but love can make

The world a narrow pound.'